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Case study
Our client arrived with a worn and tattered brochure showing these images that inspired his dream kitchen:

  Problems with the existing kitchen:

· Dark interior (in a beach house!)
· Boxed-in floor plan with space for only one person to work
· Could not accommodate new appliances
· Outdated colors and finishes

  New kitchen solutions:

· Layers of lighting and a light-colored paint finish brighten all
· Open floor plan with multiple work stations and improved
   traffic flow
· State-of-the-art appliances with integrated door panels
· Contemporary design with a custom paint finish that flows
   into the open living space

 Unique custom features:

· Radius design elements that were used throughout the
  kitchen, from the rounded island to the soffits and glass-
  brick wall and into the living areas
· Automotive paint finishes that conform to the client's clean,
  sleek aesthetic
· Touch latches employed on all doors and drawers which
  eliminate external knobs or pulls

· Interior storage maximized with chrome shelving and
· Lighting incorporated into the cabinet interiors that
  illuminates as the doors open
· Night lights installed in the recessed toe-kicks at the base
  of all cabinets
This sleek, modern kitchen is now perfectly integrated into the beautiful open floor plan of the living and dining areas.


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